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School-Transport-School-Transportation-Sharjah-Ras Al Khaimah

Al Saifee Transport provide safe, reliable and affordable school bus hire services in Sharjah-Ras Al Khaimah to various schools, colleges and universities across UAE. Our friendly and knowledgeable management team provide teachers and administrators with carefully planned and tailored trips for all their transport requirements. We work hard to fit our services into the constraints of school and educational budgets, while still providing excellent levels of comfort and safety to students, teachers and supervisors.

Al Saifee Transport prides itself with its modern, safe, reliable and high quality vehicles. Our school bus hire Sharjah-Ras Al Khaimah fleet is driven by experienced, trained and fully accredited school bus services in Sharjah-Ras Al Khaimah. Al Saifee Transport provides quality Sharjah-Ras AL Khaimah school bus hire services to cater to all your travel / transport requirements. By offering a range of quality vehicles from mini bus hire, charter bus hire to luxury coach hire, Al Saifee caters for all-sized student groups, scheduled anytime, day or night, throughout the year.

Few Points To Keep In Mind:

  1. School Buses must be painted Yellow, with big bold writings in order to stand out on the road.
  2. Camera’s should be installed. A minimum of two cameras is a must in a school bus.
  3. Seat belts are mandatory.
  4. There must be a stop board at the side of a bus to safeguard the students while entering and exiting the bus.
  5. Fire Exits incase of emergencies.





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