School Rental Bus Dubai

School Rental Bus Dubai
School Rental Bus Dubai

School Transport Service School Rental Bus Dubai

Welcome to one of the biggest School Transport Service companies in the UAE. Our main focus areas in School Transport Services & school bus rentals with safety, reliability, punctuality, and hygienic measures on a daily basis. We do a daily random checkup of our employees and vehicles to maintain high standards of quality.

School Bus Specifications School Rental Bus Dubai

A typical  school bus is yellow in color while it is monitored by a GPS tracking system. Sizes of these buses vary from country to country but in the UAE 22 Seater, 26-seater, 35-seater and 54 to 65-seater buses are in use. It must have a camera behind, towards the right and left, and a minimum of two cameras inside the bus. Seat belts are mandatory for a bus. There must be a stop board at the side of a school bus to safeguard the students while entering or leaving the bus.

School Bus Security School Rental Bus Dubai

School Bus Rentals and School Transport services give the best security to your child and our employees at the same time. Using hi-tech equipment such as CCTV cameras with live-streaming features. GPS live tracking and RFID student tracking, our Logistics team always have answers to the following information at any given point in time





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