School Bus

The school bus is a special type of vehicle that is used for school transport services or school transportation services of school students. For school students transport services one must have a proper bus with all the mandatory accessories. Its design is in such a way that it looks different from other vehicles on the road. It has priority on the road in order to facilitate the school kids while moving on the road. There are different colors for school vans but the most popular is the yellow color bus. school-bus-service-in-Dubai

Yellow Color Bus

In UAE, it must be yellow in color with special and mandatory specifications. School van specification is almost the same in all the states but all the emirates are having some basic differences. For example, Dubai school bus principles are completely different from that of Sharjah.

Dubai School Bus

Dubai is the financial, educational, and activities capital of the UAE. The Dubai school bus rental program is the most prominent in the country. Our Dubai school van is controlled by RTA and they have the authority to define rules for the bus, drivers, and even bus assistants. School Transport services in Dubai are under the control of RTA and the Ministry of Education in Dubai. A typical bus for school students transportation is yellow in color and equipped with all the accessories like CCTV cameras etc.