Dubai School Transport

Dubai School Transport
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We offer school transportation services

We offer school transportation services throughout Dubai, UAE. At Al Saifee Bus Rental, our chauffeurs are conversant with the areas, locations, and routes. We start by focusing on how to provide safe rides to every student that comes on the school bus. we have knowledgeable drivers who pass our drug and criminal background checks. and have them get a commercial driver’s license from the State to operate one of our vehicles. We run an extensive training program for all drivers. They know how to operate your bus and get your school group to their destination safely and on time.

school bus transport service

The school bus transport service is exclusively customized to meet schools, nurseries, and other student needs.  Our smart fleet of buses has been selected in accordance with the highest international quality safety standards for school transportation service. Hence, we are confident that our buses will keep your children safe during their commute. You can rest assured with Al Saifee School Bus Transportation Service, your child will arrive at his/her destination safely and on time in an environmentally friendly bus.

School Bus Rentals

Our main focus areas in School Transport Services & school bus rentals with safety, reliability, punctuality, and hygienic measures on a daily basis.One of our core areas of service is School Transportation in the UAE. We provide fully government-compliant, safe, and reliable school transportation services to various schools across the country. Some of our school buses are state-of-the-art with extensive monitoring systems, that make for a safe journey to school and back.





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